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Taking the case for training to tighten the safety string group held an enlarged meeting of the safety committee

Release time:2021-02-18     Browse

  On the morning of January 28, the group company organized an enlarged meeting of the safety committee at the headquarters. Yan Lijun, the executive vice general manager and vice director of the safety committee of the group company, attended the meeting and made a speech. Wang Zhiqiang, deputy general manager and vice director of the safety committee of the group company, presided over the meeting.

  At the meeting, the municipal Safety Committee Office reported on deeply learning the lessons from recent production safety accidents and effectively doing well in the current work safety, and reported the production safety accidents cases of the group company in 2020, and combined with typical safety production accidents of non coal mines and hazardous chemicals production and operation enterprises in 2020, the safety string was tightened by the case instead of the case. Meanwhile, the safety management work such as establishing the safety first consciousness, implementing the responsibility system of safety production of all members, doing well the safety management in key periods, fully implementing the spirit of national safety production television conference held by the State Council on January 23, detailing and implementing the 2021 work safety work plan of the group company, and strengthening the supervision and inspection of safety are arranged.

  Yan Lijun pointed out at the meeting that since the group mixed reform, the enterprise management level has been significantly improved, the production capacity has been greatly released, and the economic benefits and employee income have been improved. However, the safety production accidents in 2020 also exposed the safety short board. The timeliness and warning effect of the accident treatment are not enough, reflecting the essence of safety from the top to the bottom, the publicity and implementation of safety culture and the specific safety effect There are still some deficiencies in the implementation of measures and the construction of safety system. He asked to extend safety management to fully cover the Group subsidiaries, subsidiaries and outsourcing construction units; further improve the ability of professional management departments to perform their duties and responsibilities; the accident handling should be taken care of and the means should be hard to standardize the closed-loop process; all units should organize a special meeting according to the spirit and requirements of the meeting to organize and hold a special meeting to deal with the events happened to their own units and their brothers So the case is carefully summarized and lessons learned, and the blind spot of safety management is deeply dug, the short board is recognized, the emergency plan is improved, and the next stage of safety production work is organized.

  Wang Zhiqiang analyzed the situation and task of the group company's recent work safety, and asked the competent department of the group to form a normal mechanism for self-examination and self-restraint hidden danger investigation and rectification while conducting the guiding safety inspection; to change the concept of employment and to manage the safety of labor employment; to strengthen the random inspection and inspection, to strengthen the timeliness of safety management And standardization; we should strengthen publicity and education, strengthen the safety awareness of all staff, and truly realize "three non harm"; the main leaders of each unit should take the lead in self inspection of the pre Festival safety of key posts (parts); implement the general safety order, take serious safety production discipline before and after the Spring Festival, strengthen inspection on the weak safety posts such as key areas, key equipment and project trial production, and eliminate violations Chapter commander and illegal operation; all units shall plan logistics balance work in combination with current situation of epidemic control, and advocate local spring festival for migrant workers in other places.

  The safety committee members of the group company, the main principals of the Group subsidiaries, the persons in charge of safety work and the personnel of the safety and environmental protection center of the group company participated in the meeting. (Chen mu)

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