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The Party committee of the six countries was awarded the provincial "double strong and six good" non-public enterprise party organization

Release time:2021-02-01     Browse

  Recently, the Organization Department of Anhui provincial Party committee and the non-public economic and social organization working committee of Anhui provincial Party committee jointly issued a document, naming 50 Party organizations in Anhui Province as the eighth batch of provincial "double strong and six good" non-public enterprise party organizations. After level by level recommendation, spot check, strict audit and online publicity, the Party committee of six chemical companies was selected successfully.

  According to the standards of "strong development, Dang Jianqiang, good production and management, good corporate culture, good labor relations, good party organization, good party members and good social response", the six party committees in China have always adhered to the guidance of Xi Jinping's socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era, always strengthening Party building, building the advantages of Party building, and developing momentum to further advance. The "two learning and one doing" learning education is normalized and institutionalized, and a series of thematic education is solidly carried out, such as "never forget the original intention and remember the mission", highlighting the "focusing on Party building around development" Focusing on the main line of "promoting development through Party building", we strive to enhance political leadership, cultural cohesion and the vitality of mass organizations, innovate and carry out various forms of Party mass organization activities, and realize the deep integration and win-win of Party building and enterprise development. (Gu Wenwu)

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