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talent strategy

  1、 Tonghua human resource concept: ability determines position, contribution determines value

  Ability determines the position, that is to let the sages stay in the position and the capable ones stay in the position. The market mechanism is introduced into the attraction, selection, use and cultivation of human resource management. Through open competition and selective employment, the capable can be promoted, the equal can be promoted and the mediocre can be promoted.

  Contribution determines value, which is to adhere to the assessment basis of responsibility, efficiency and contribution, actively explore the form of market-oriented wage distribution, realize the maximization of enterprise intellectual resources, human resources and enterprise benefits, and link employee income with enterprise benefits and individual contributions.

  2、 Tonghua talent concept: competence, good responsibility, trust and responsibility

  Competence is Tonghua's view of talent selection. Adhere to people-oriented and establish the concept of "everyone is a talent". As long as they are competent for their posts, all the people who can be used by me are the talents they need.

  Benevolence is Tonghua's view of knowledge and talent. Respect people's strong points, know people's short points, know people's good duties, so that everyone can have the space and stage to display their talents.

  Trust is a bronze view of employment. We should fully trust talents, use their strengths and avoid their weaknesses, and boldly give young people responsibilities and positions, so that they can experience risks and increase their talents.

  Responsibility is the education view of Tonghua. Responsibility is the most important, education is the first, adult's long, to the short, to keep people career, feelings, treatment.

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